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Window Of Our Mind
1 July 2018

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Eye Candy 2
9 July 2017

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Lost In Time
23 June 2017

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Boarding House 1930
6 December 2016

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Snow Rails
2 December 2016

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4 Of A Kind
16 September 2016

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Leap Of Faith
27 April 2016

Recent Comments

farNaaz50 on Two Worlds
Excellent and the title says everything we need.

Harry on Two Worlds

Elaine Hancock on Two Worlds
A fabulous image! I love it!

Curly on I Can See Forever
You get a good feeling for solitude looking at this one.

Curly on A Tree Stands Alone (3)
Nice colourful effect Don.

Harry on A Tree Stands Alone (3)

Elaine Hancock on A Tree Stands Alone (3)
This is beautiful! I love the treatment! Gorgeous color!

L'Angevine on Eye Candy 2
superbe ce rendu comme une peinture

omid on Eye Candy 2
A M A Z I N G !!!

L'Angevine on FILLER UP
belles pompes

Don Roy on FILLER UP
view small

L'Angevine on No Man Is A Island

Elaine Hancock on No Man Is A Island
A great title and a magnificent view!

L'Angevine on Bricks
belle accentuation

rbassin on No Man Is A Island
c'est très beau

Elaine Hancock on On Golden Pond 3
Absolutely beautiful and so peaceful!

Elaine Hancock on Bricks
Beautiful light and color! The texture of the bricks is gorgeous!

Don Roy on No Man Is A Island
Lake Superior, Michigan-usa (Eagle River Mi.)

Don Roy on Bricks

L'Angevine on On Golden Pond 3
belles couleurs

L'Angevine on A Tree Grows
bien cette accentuation des couleurs

Babzy on On Golden Pond 3
lovely colours :)

L'Angevine on Rain Bow Boat
belles couleurs

Elaine Hancock on Rain Bow Boat
Fabulous colors! A great point of view!

Shaun on Rain Bow Boat
Very nice work on this image.

Curly on Rain Bow Boat
Love those vertical stripes of colour.

L'Angevine on Lost In Time
bel effet

Dimitrios on Rain Bow Boat
amazing colours

Elaine Hancock on Lost In Time
A spectacular black and white image. I love taking pictures of abandoned houses. This is just beautiful!

L'Angevine on Long Time Ago
bel effet

beach on Lost In Time
And in space too. Reminds me of some of the prairie shots I have of abandoned houses seemingly in the middle of ...

Harry on Long Time Ago
wonderful shot of this declining barn. Nice B&W processing to fit the subject.

omid on Long Time Ago
Amazing house!

Don Roy on A Tree Grows

L'Angevine on Blue Velvet (2)
oh belles couleurs accentuées

Don Roy on Rain Bow Boat
That's surface rust....,

Harry on Blue Velvet (2)
excellent color and arrangement

Elaine Hancock on Blue Velvet (2)
This is fabulous! I love the blue curtains and how they are hanging outside the window!

Don Roy on Lost In Time

Don Roy on Blue Velvet (2)

farNaaz50 on Lost In Time (2)
Excellent .. that's all ..

Jeanne on Lost In Time (2)
Just something about it I like a lot!

L'Angevine on Lost In Time (2)
bel effet

Don Roy on Lost In Time (2)

L'Angevine on Not A Van Gogh

Lalena on Not A Van Gogh
Superb colours!

Robert D. Burr on Not A Van Gogh
Yes but possibly a Don Roy :>)

L'Angevine on Boarding House 1930
oh la pauvre

Gérard Flayol on Not A Van Gogh
Nevertheless the ear to the right is missing..... Superb colors

Anne on Not A Van Gogh
But nice colors anyway!

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