About Don Roy

Don Roy

Born, raised and retired in Michigan's (usa) Upper Peninsula. 4 years U.S. Naval Air Force Photographic Squadron VAP-62 based in Jacksonville, Fla, usa. Cuba aerial mapping (missile crisis) & Bay Of Pigs. Wedding photographer (past). Ceramic and pottery studio owner and class instructor (past). Taking photo's for over 50 years. I do a lot of cropping and I under expose and over saturate (color) my photo's. I like to think as being a "Minimalist" photographer, and "Isolated Abstract", photographer, I made that up. (smile). I always use 2 camera's when on a shoot, Nikon P90 & Pentax x5 both point and shoot with drop down l.c.d's, Nikon shoots both color and b&w same time, giving me a color and b&w pic. I plan ahead on where and when I'm going to shoot.

Photography Equipment

Nikon P90-Pentax x5-Fujifilm FinePix S4300-Kodak Z7590